Neurology Based Health Care

image 110991668Welcome to a new kind of CARE.

Dr Bianca Dobson is a leader in the field of NIS (Neurological Integration System) and primarily uses this system in her Chiropractic practice.

It is a neurology based system relying on the neurophysiology principle that the brain governs optimum function of all body systems through its neurological circuitry- the brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves.
Any interference or stresses that exceed our body’s individual tolerances can be an underlying cause for a symptom or disease process. For more information go to to find out how effective this system of care could be for you.
All N.I.S care is very specific and low-force which is safe during pregnancy, for babies and children (including newborns) and does not involve any manual adjustments or heavy techniques.

Bianca has a real passion and a wealth of knowledge in women’s health and helping children and families towards a healthy nervous system function and healthy kids. A healthy empowered mum who can be the true and best version of herself can go on to make healthy and empowered decisions for her family everyday. We are lovingly committed to helping everyone who passes through our door to find and live their own brilliance.
If you or a family member have any questions or concerns before your own or your child’s assessment please feel free to organise a phone call consult with Dr Bianca.

To book in a time with Bianca, go to make an appointment on the menu bar or call 0450 447 948.

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